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Imuneti+ Ultimate Vitamin C Formula

Turn Any Beverage into Super Drink

Now is the time to prioritize our health

☑ All natural and all organic ingredients

☑ Rapid Boost your Immune Defense

☑ Premium antioxidant support

☑ Unflavored

☑ Easily Dissolvable


Rapid Immune Response

Our specially formulated blend of super ingredients acts so much quicker than those currently in the market. It triggers a rapid immune response patented by Imuneti+ to help you resist infections immediately.

Reduces Risk of Chronic Illness

Rich in powerful antioxidants, moringa, astragalus, and elderberry combats dangerous diseases and illnesses. Our blend of potent immune boosters is also antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Lower Blood Pressure

Keep your heart and arteries healthy! Imuneti+ Ultimate Vitamin C Formula has been found to lower blood pressure in both healthy adults and those with high blood pressure.

Optimize your production of Anti-aging cells

Keep your skin looking young and supple. Our all natural & organic formula super boosts your body’s production of collagen. It improves skin elasticity and reduces visible wrinkles. Enjoy your plump youthful look longer.

Pure Powdered Vitamin C

Other Uses

Imuneti+ Ultimate Vitamin C Formula isn’t closed off only into traditional ingestion of Vitamin C. With a plethora of other uses available for you, this versatile powder can be your BFF.

Mix with serums...

...lotions and moisturizers to protect your face and reduce signs of aging.

Imuneti+ Ultimate Vitamin C Formula is a more stable form of Vit C, allowing you to mix it with other oils and serums. To help improve skin health, you can mix it with skin serums and lotions. You should use less than a 4-to-1 ratio of vitamin C in your lotion or serum to get the best results.

Picky kids?

Sneak our unflavored Vitamin C powder into your children’s drink for added Vitamin C protection. You can even add these into food! Sprinkle them during or after cooking to maximize the benefits.

Use in garden to boost plant growth

Perfect for plants that love acidic soil. It’s well-known that vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps plants deal with the stresses of drought, ozone, and UV radiation, but it wasn’t known until now that plants would not be able to grow without it!

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